Monday, August 17, 2009

Stove top roasted peppers

These peppers are super versatile. Use them as part of an antipasto platter with meat and cheese, in pasta, on sandwiches or in the DELISH gazpacho below!!

stove top roasted peppers

bell peppers
  • Wash and dry peppers, then rub them thoroughly with oil.
  • Turn front burners to medium-high and place one pepper directly over each flame.
  • Using tongs, turn the peppers occasionally, to ensure even roasting, until peppers are blackened all over.
  • Transfer peppers to a work bowl and cover with plastic. Let steam for about 20 minutes, or until they reach room temperature.
  • Remove the roasted peppers from the bowl and, using your fingers or the back of a pairing knife, rub off all of the black skin.
  • Remove stems, pepper vertically in half and remove the seeds. Slice peppers into strips and season with salt.

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